Handy tips to spruce up your home in preparation for sale

With the housing market back open after the easing of lockdown rules, many people will be looking for small DIY projects to prepare their home for sale.

Data from Google Trends shows that searches for ‘DIY’ are up by 125% in the last 90 days.

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If you’re looking to revamp your home and get it ready to sell, here are some tips from leading housebuilder Miller Homes...

Paint over statement walls

Big splashes of paint on statement walls are a turn-off for potential buyers. If you have any of these in your house, be sure to paint over so you neutralise the room.

Recent research reported that 52 per cent of people thought dark blue walls reduced a house’s value, while 49 per cent thought the same for dark grey.

So make it light to keep it bright!


If you’re not using something, sell it online or donate to a charity shop.

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Not only will you feel better for it, it’s one less item to clean ahead of your viewings, and one less item to take with you when you move.

Potential buyers need to visualise their belongings in your house, and if you have too many obstructions it will hinder their imagination.

This doesn’t mean packing everything into a cupboard or the garage. Savvy potential buyers will want to look in these spaces too.

Cut back hedges and borders

Decluttering the garden is just as important as the house and can enhance that all important kerb-appeal.

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Cut back borders and hedges to reveal more of your garden and maximise space.

Consider laying down new turf or seeding the soil.

Clean your bathroom grout

Dealing with the bathroom is not a fun job at the best of times, but dirty grout won’t be convincing anyone to buy your house.By steaming and cleaning your grout, your bathroom will sparkle and feel like it has a new lease of life.

Make sure your cooker is gleaming.Make sure your cooker is gleaming.
Make sure your cooker is gleaming.

Clean the hob and oven

Potential buyers will explore every nook and cranny, including your oven.This is no time to use it as hidden storage, but it is the time to clean it inside and out. A gleaming oven could make all the difference!

Give estate agents virtual tours

There is plenty of technology on hand to help you value your house.

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Through Facetime or Skype, you can show estate agents round the house virtually helping them see what they will be selling for you in the future.

Follow up with pictures to see if they need to see anything else before giving you an estimate on its value.

Take as many photos as you can, especially during good weather when you can capture the sunniest rooms and places in the house.

If your living room is flooded with light in the morning, be sure to snap that perfect shot.The same applies to your garden or other key living spaces.

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Having amazing sunny pictures on websites like Rightmove or Zoopla might be the difference between someone just browsing, to actually arranging a viewing.

Jet wash patio and drive

First impressions count so make sure the entrance to your house gleams.If you can jet wash your driveway and patio. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this will make.

Fill in any wall cracks

Unsightly wall cracks will draw more attention than flowers or the smell of fresh coffee.You can easily fill in any cracks with instant plaster filler. Once dry, cover with any remaining paint from your redecorating.