Papplewick & Linby captain Sam Ogrizovic calls time on his 22-year Nottinghamshire Premier League career

Sam Ogrizovic in his final innings for Papplewick and Linby CC v Mansfield Hosiery.Sam Ogrizovic in his final innings for Papplewick and Linby CC v Mansfield Hosiery.
Sam Ogrizovic in his final innings for Papplewick and Linby CC v Mansfield Hosiery.
Papplewick & Linby captain Sam Ogrizovic brought down the curtain on an impressive 22-year career in the Nottinghamshire Premier League last week as he announced his immediate retirement.

At the age of 36, Ogrizovic decided time had caught up with him and he is now looking forward to a life beyond cricket, though says he may continue some involvement in a coaching capacity.

He also said his final game - a big win over Mansfield Hosiery Mills - was one of the his best days ever in the sport.

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“Obviously there is a tinge of sadness as it's the end of something I have done for so long,” he said.

“I have played 22 years of Premier League cricket which is a hell of a long time.

“But I am probably not going to miss playing cricket very much as I am not very good any more, though I will miss leading that group of lads as captain as we have worked so hard to build over the last few years. It's been a massive privilege.”

Papplewick naturally saw him off in style as did a great result.

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“The club could not have been any better to me at my last game in terms of a send-off,” he smiled.

“We had a big party, a guard of honour and various presentations - and also a convincing win - it was really nice.

“So there is a bit of sadness and I will certainly miss some of he lads and competing at that level, but at the same time it was a really nice way to go out and probably one of my favourite days in cricket to be honest. It was great.”

Ogrizovic started out as a junior until the age of 19 with Welbeck, after that he had a year at Southewell, six years at Caythorpe, six years at Kimberley where he was captain and then five and a half years as Papplewick captain.

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“I have had more clubs than Tiger Woods I am told,” he said.

On his reasons for quitting, Ogrizovic explained: “It's down to a mixture of things really.

“I have struggled with injuries and I will get to spend more time with the family.

“I had torn my rotator cuff in my shoulder so that's been limiting me a bit this year.

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“But I don't think I have the stomach or am head-strong enough for a battle any more. I think that's when you know it's time to give up.

“I was not really enjoying my cricket personally any more.

“I have always enjoyed the captaincy, but I stopped keeping wicket a few years ago and I am now at the point where I just can't contribute with the bat like I want to and used to be able to. So it just felt like my time had come.

“I will get my Saturdays back now and do some other stuff though I will stay involved with Papplewick. I will be down there enjoying a beer and cheering my mates on.

“If they want me back involved in a coaching capacity next year in some way I am sure I will be down there giving them a dig-out.

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“It is a great club and one that will now be my club forever.”

Ogrizovic believes the team can now flourish under new captain Ben Trevor-Jones.

“I have said all along that team is capable of beating every single team in that league – whether they do or not is another thing,” he said.

“But the talent is absolutely there. It is exciting to see that talent on show.

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“Massive good luck to Ben, though he doesn't need it after his score last weekend.

“Also a massive thank you to Robin Rhodes as the chairman for everything he's done and also to Michael Blatherwick who has been a massive part of everything we've built there over the last five and a half years – he has done a lot of work and does not often get the praise he deserves.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​