Hucknall and Bulwell Barclaycard customers urged to check letters for possible fee refunds

If you have ever been a customer of Barclaycard, make sure you check your post from them, you could be receiving a large sum back – but you may have to accept the payment.

Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 1:43 pm

Barclaycard customers, especially those who have a zero balance, may not fully read mail from the company, expecting it to be ‘junk mail’, advertising its services.

However, the company is currently contacting customers who are owed hundreds of pounds back in default fees.

Some customers may have a zero balance on their Barclaycard, so may assume letters are just advising of latest balance transfer offers – but could be shocked to see the credit card company offering a refund, with £760 the largest amount reported so far, offered to Nottinghamshire woman.

The letters may arrive with a cheque, or with instructions on how to claim the refund.

The letters advise the charges being refunded, an amount of compensatory interest and a deduction for income tax.

The letter says: “We’ve looked at how we historically charged default fees, and how these fees and their frequency might have affected your personal financial circumstances.

“We believe you may have been adversely affected by our charging of these fees.

“To put things right, we’re now going to provide a refund.”

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Money expert Martin Lewis has posted about the letters on his website, with some customers receiving cheques and others offered bank transfers.

His website says, if you hold a Barclaycard with a balance on the card, then you are likely to receive a direct refund on the account to reduce the balance.

He said: “Don't bin post from Barclaycard, as it is sending cheques to both former and existing credit card customers, can reveal.

“It is refunding wrongly charged interest and fees from before 2019 by cheque or transfer to customers on repayment plans.

“The company tells us the average payout is £70.”

Barclaycard said: “Following a recent review, Barclaycard is returning relevant interest and fees to some customers who had taken out a repayment plan after falling behind on repayments.

"We apologise unreservedly to those customers for not providing the level of service we should have, and we are contacting them to explain the refund they will receive.

"We have taken, and continue to take, significant steps to review and improve our systems, processes and training to ensure we provide the excellent service our customers rightly expect."